European hair

EUROPEAN HAIR with guarantee of origin.

NATURAL hair, pristine, never deyed, sold in „ponytail” of various weights. The hair with high quality, harder texture than the hair Slavic. Perfect for women who have black or dark Brown hair. EXCELLENT for hair extensions, hair for demanding customers, the hair with long life (approximately 1, 5 years time), in its natural color. Black and dark brown color is the virgin colors.

Available color:

  • BLACK-pristine
  • DARK BROWN- pristine


Mainly straight hair and gently vulnerable.

Available length:

  • 45-50 cm
  • 55-60 cm
  • 65-70 cm

Hair is beautifully arranged and give an incredibly natural look.

The origin of the hair at Bella Donna Hair is mainly Italy and Croatia.

European black hair, virgin, straight
European black hair, virgin,unique twist
European black and dark brown hair, virgin, unique twist