About us

Welcome you warmly.

We are a family wig, who deals with with slavic hair and wigs services for many years.

Deserved masters of wig-making and characterization: Stanislaw, Mieczyslaw i Tadeusz Stepniowski
Our grandmother Janina Stepniowska - deserved employee of Silesia Opera

For over 50 years we have been associated with great Silesian Opera in Bytom and Theatre them. J. Słowiackiego in Krakow. In these enchanted places, full of amazing history and great artistry, our grandparents, Janina and Stanislaw Stępniowski and Mieczysław and Tadeusz Stępniowski were deserved and repeatedly awarded employees, managers perukarnii and dealt with such a great activity which is the characterization. It was Mieczyslaw Stepniowski was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Polish Revival and the Gold Cross of Merit. Those close to us as people to do wigs for opera and theater artists as well as engaged in the preparation of beautiful wigs for anyone who wanted to have a wig is of the highest quality of slavic hair.

For 15 years now a new, young generation of our family involved in reaching the highest quality slavic hair and wigs service. We were perfectly prepared to this profession, not just by our family, but also by the invaluable human, master of wig-making and long-term employee TVP Mr. Gregory D. (he asked for anonymity).I am extending also my hair for many years. I had hair renewed with many methods available on the Polish market and abroad. I also had extended many species of hair. My experiences are different, and often, unfortunately, I was dissatisfied customer. We have grew up with that beautiful slavic hair and we know how it should look like the most authentic Slavic hair, what should be in touch, and even what should be the smell.

I know very well how difficult it is to reach the hair very good quality, with which we will enjoy for a long timeOften are sold as a natural but the hair are mixed with synthetic hair or coated with silicone, which makes the hair after a few washes is not suitable for use, despite the fact that at the beginning looked very beautiful. Unfortunately, today no longer appeared on the market a number of rogue traders and slavic hair that really has nothing to do with the authentic slavic hair, without bringing, no guarantee that it is a slavic hair. The result is unhappy and often desperate client who paid a high price for the most basic quality of asian or indian hair or hair lowest class and species. Also, I have once belonged to this group of people and that is why by the company BELLA DONNA HAIR HAIR ONLY you can buy SLAVIC with GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY and QUALITY.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I know very well what means to have a beautiful, long, great hair ....I also know very well how it feels so good, it gives confidence in itself, brings into our lives a sense of beauty and elegance ...

We are happy to assist you in this to all your client was highly satisfied and when you exit from our salon, she felt that it starts a new stage in life and most importantly, to be reasonably certain that it had paid in salon for a real, high quality slavic hair, which will be enjoyed for a long time.

A new hairstyle, new look is really some like the start of a new, different, better, full of faith in yourself life.

Hair that we have on sale, it is the hair in 50% coming from the children, that is the healthiest hair, beautifully soft, delicate, with different textures and most importantly, with natural colors, without the interference of paint and other chemical processes.

Only a happy client is a proof for that each of us has done its work just fine.

Welcome to professional hair salons and cooperation wigs and all companies and individuals engaged in professional hair extensions.

Our company is famous for the fact that we'll help each customer with not only friendly and professional advice, but most importantly, the advice above all honest and true, as our customers are well aware.

We are waiting for you and the new challenges of your requirements in this wonderful work, because after all, our profession is our great passion.

It was really pleased to meet you

Yours Faithfully
Barbara Stepniowska
(Master's degree) Izabela Stepniowska