Slavic hair - selling

SLAVIC HAIR with certificate and guarantee of origin.

The BELLA DONNA HAIR company has for sale only the highest quality of slavic hair. Exclusive line of natural, slavic, prestine, never dyed hair are destined for hair extension for the following, The available methods in the market: resin adhesives, micro rings, collets, ultrasounds, tapes – method of sewing, tapes with clips “clip-on”) and any implementation of wigs: wigs, half-wigs, hairpiece, slavic hair on tape, slavic hair on tape with clips, hairpieces in the pony tail form and other.

EXCLUSIVE line of slavic hair is the excellent quality of natural, never deyed hair, which are dense, very healthy, sorted according to the appropriate length. The highest quality of soft hair affects their price. Hair long life (typically about 2 years old) in its natural color.

Slavic hair for the most demanding customers. Hair perfectly prepared to extend and thicken hair. Ideal for the preparation of high quality of wigs.

The highest class, species and quality of hair in the world market. Hair very difficult to obtain, sold in ponytail of various weights. „Ponytails” can be spilt in half, if the client needs buy a smaller amount of hair. Each “ponytail” is comming from one person, we will never mix the hair. The most rare and sought after hair often derived from children. You can dye your hair, straighten, rotate, and be subjected to any salon treatments.

Origin of the hair:

Slavic: Poland
European: Italy

Available colors: Natural tones.

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Beautiful slavic hair. COLOR. BELLA DONNA HAIR    
  1. DARK BLOND: shades of dark, natural, virgin blond color.(from „ponytail” 9, from the left side).
  2. MEDIUM BEIGE PRISTINE BLOND (color absolutely unique, very difficult to obtain, is very rare, the first 8 “ponytail”, from the left side)
  3. BROWN and shades of brown – light and dark brown
  4. BLACK and VERY DARK BROWN – european hair

Available lengths:

  • 25-30 cm
  • 35-40 cm
  • 45-50 cm
  • 50-55 cm
  • 55-60 cm

We sell unique slavic hair length, unusual and rarely available lengths.  55, cm 60, cm 65 cm, 70 cm. Hair avaiable to customer after payment of the deposit, client expects to receive one month of time and continues to inform a client about what is for her hair cut and client will receive a picture through email. Please specify the color, number and length of hair which you need, and then we invite you to call or to come to the salon's BELLA DONNA HAIR.


The basic texture of hair is beautiful hair and straight hair gently vulnerable. Wavy or curly hair are very unique and very rarely available. Please ask first about the availability of hair. The hair are also on request.