Purchase of long hair

WELCOME Hairdressing Salons and individuals from across the Polish and to cooperate in purchase of HAIR. WE PURCHASE HAIR:
  • only virgin (never dyed) healthy
  • professionally cut (while cutting your hair is always divided into several layers (ponytails), and each cut the individual.
  • not entangled
  • length from 40 cm to 80 cm.

We invite parents with children after first communion., who want to cut long hair. The whole Poland. We also invite individual person who want to cut hair and sell it in our salon. we cut the hair on the spot or we commute to the customer in the whole of Silesia. PURCHASE OF LONG HAIR – The whole Poland. We invite parents with children who want to cut long hair and if you have already cut your hair, please put them in an envelope and send to the address of our company. Do not forget to write your phone number and bank account number

Price example:

Hair 1 KILOGRAMM , length 45-55 cm we will pay you 3000  PLN
On one head is on average about 100 grams of hair.
The price depends on quantity, length, quality of hair.

Skup długich włosów słowiańskich. Cała Polska. BELLA DONNA HAIR