• EASY HAIR EXTENSIONS COOPER- hair extensions in the cold with collets and micro rings  PRICE: 1500 PLN
  • HOT KERATIN– hair extensions in hair extensions in the warm  with resin or creatine  PRICE: 1500 PLN
  • TISAGE-  hair extensions with tape  PRICE: 1500 PLN

Training package: THREE TRAINNING in package- price 3200 PLN

On the training you receive a full, complete kit for hair extensions together with equipment, a complete set of accessories and a certificate of completion of training at Bella Donna HAIR. The one day training undergoes in the office of Bella Donna HAIR or in polish territory, it is possible to reach to the hair salon. (consideration). Each participant receives also an invitation for a free, delicious dinner.

Welcome all interested from Poland and abroad.

Day of the week: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday at 10:00 A.M.

Reservations by phone only 10 days before the scheduled training. Individual training dates set by phone. Reach to the lounge for an additional fee) Possible to agree an individual training.


The Bella Donna HAIR Company introduced a training in the fine art which is wig-making. All interested, please contact us by phone.