Hair extensions

In our salon hair extension service we are performing only HIGHEST QUALITY NATURAL Hair and virgin slavic european hair.

Colors are selected so that there is no need to dye your hair. We try to make a beautiful natural balayage or extend hair in one color, depending on what the client wants. Avaiable length: from 30 cm to 65 cm, straight or wave hair (not always available). On the request of each client possible to order hair up to 70 cm !!! We invite you to a free first consultation and color selection. Each hair is dyed and perfectly matched to client's natural color. We believe in hair extensions to cold, that is why we perform hair extension services by EASY HAIR EXSTANSIONS COOPER – collets and TISAGE METHOD : tresses on the tape method - least invasive method for our hair.

Welcome to hair extensions combined with great pleasure to taste the exquisite and delicious coffee.

We invite you to us with the CHILDREN. We have prepared a special color and a fabulous playground, so the children will definitely not be bored, and the ladies will be rested during hair extensions.

The cost of hair extensions with hair quality slavic or european is from 2000 zł with the hair length 30-35 cm.